• Dwell
  • July/August 2003
  • Don't Step on the Cracks

Here's a happy fact: Gardens can morph to accommodate any shape, space, and budget. If you have a good imagination and don't mind dirty fingernails, you can create your own urban oasis without burning a hole in your wallet...

  • Dwell
  • June 2003
  • Obsession Profession

"Welcome to my nightmare," Ken West says from his doorway, a cigarette dangling from his lips.

There's no room to shake hands and he retreats into the shadows, motioning for me to follow. He moves like someone accustomed to having a modicum of space in which to maneuver; each gesture is minimal and calculated. I gingerly step past framed art, books, rugs, and wall hangings until I reach a small clearing. It is technically West's living room, but instead resembles a bizarre mid-century-modern explosion...