• Dwell
  • April/May 2010
  • Charmed, I'm Sure

In a world adorned with saccharine heart pendants and innocent flower charms, jewelry designer Ed Janssen's bear traps, skulls, and brass knuckles, all cast in recycled silver, stick out like an old pocketknife (another object of the 31-year-old's fascination). "I'm interested in the idea of decay and things that are worn over time,"

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  • BARK
  • Oct/Nov 2008
  • Book Smart: DIY Publishing is a Novel Idea
BUST: Oct/Nov

Publishing your own book (or magazine!) can be the ultimate DIY dream—especially if you’re a sucker for seeing your name in print. After the simple process of uploading your material to one of these Web sites, they'll ship your coffee-table art book, text-only tome, or glossy mag out in no time. All it takes is a little cash and a lot of passion.

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