Amelia Glynn thinks in wavy lines. She has always preferred circuitous paths to straight ones—mostly because they make for better stories. She has been writing and editing professionally for more than 17 years, tackling topics from HIV and safer sex to alternative weddings and modern design. Her work has been featured in Yoga Journal, Dwell, The San Francisco Chronicle and Hemispheres Magazine. She also co-authored The Anti-Bride Planner (Chronicle Books) and several chapters of Our Bodies, Ourselves (8th edition).

Amelia procrastinates just enough to feel like a "real writer," chews gum too much, and has never visited South America, although she'd like to. Despite these shortcomings, she thinks creatively, meets her deadlines, and is fun to work with.
An advocate at heart, she is actively involved in women's health organizations and secretly dreams of wearing scrubs.

Interests + Expertise:

  • Architecture + design
  • Health + wellness
  • Sustainability + the environment
  • Food + wine
  • Love + relationships
  Amelia Glynn